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Why Choose Us

We also have a good relationship with number of well-known artists, we also have good relations with our local community radio stations and our own KZN Gagasi FM, we also write event articles for our national newspaper Ilanga and we are the Three most respected events companies King-Sam EnterArt Management, Leezet Group and Solid Vision in the city our record speaks for itself.

We want to target all needy skilled and talented young people out there and expose them to relevant platforms where they can be able to showcase what they have.We will identify soccer stars, artists, singers, Dj’s and dancers especially in disadvantageous area.

We are also a brand building company, we do marketing research and survey, we worked with Vintage Black (CRUZ) in our recent events and we also help many local artists to showcase their talents and coordinate them with well-known artists from around Durban.

About Company

King-Sam EnterArt Management is an events company that has been around for more than 3 years, but in the past 3 years has been working with bigger individuals. We mainly deal with big events and club gigs, we also do artist and Dj booking, stage and sound hire, we are base in Durban, and we have worked in many clubs/venues in the past such as Lunar Rossa, Under The Moon, One & Only and many more.

Meet Our Creative Team Members

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DJ  Dj  Chronic Style




is one of our most popular Dj  who has travelled the world in his music career. He has worked with bigger artists like Winnie Khumalo, Fey, Dope Artists, Vista and Zodwa Wabantu.

DSC is our 25 years RnB artist, Song writer an Producer. DSC just released his latest single titled I Love Her which is available on iTunes, Google Music, Spotify, Shazam.




King Sam




Samuel Sandile Mthiya a CEO at the King Sam Enterarts Management. He was born and grew at Ndwedwe. He attended his lower education at the local schools and furthered his tertiary education at Unisa. 

 He’s music and entertainment love started back in 2012 where he started hosting birthday celebration parties at Lunar Rossa in Gateway Shopping Theatre.

 He then developed an interest in managing artists where he started managing a Zimbabwean Dj called Dj V (a deep house) who was a part time resident Dj at Vacca Matta.

 King Sam took Dj V’s music career into a national level after he managed to get invitation from one of the biggest Marquees in Durban July 2015.

 He hosted number of events like Cruize Vintage Black in partnership with Leezet group at One & Only.

 He was approached by a group called Smile to work in partnership with Uhuru in their music tours. He successfully hosted Uhuru’s tour at The Skyzer Café in partnership with Dj Klackas from Inamandla Entertainment.

 He also hosted WTF and Distraction Boys at Skyzer Café. After a year he shifted his focus to managing local DJ’s  namely Durban Soundz Invaders. Dj Chronic Style, DSC and Dj V.